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Which are the best small businesses to establish in Dubai?

You’re looking for small business ideas in the UAE or Dubai, right? There is no doubt that doing business in the UAE is the most rewarding decision you could make for the entrepreneur inside of you. Don’t wait any longer, take action now! 

In Dubai, the business has been thriving for many years. It does not only have an abundant natural resource, but also a generally positive business climate, attributable to the country’s stable political climate. The country has however set in place strict regulatory agencies to ensure that all businesses comply with the rules and regulations of the country. Dubai has expanded its rich business grounds through the efforts of the government.

The business opportunities are equally fascinating whether you are an ex-pat or a national of the UAE.  There are some grants available for nationals only, however, if your proposal to start a business in Dubai has a good market in the UAE, then it makes little difference.

Business opportunities in Dubai for small businesses

Are you interested in establishing a small business in Dubai? The following are some Dubai business opportunities you should consider in 2021.

1. Photography Business

The photography business can be a good choice for beginners in Dubai. In Dubai, people always celebrate special occasions, which means they also require photographers on such occasions. You will be able to take advantage of this opportunity if you have a DSLR camera and good photography skills. Your company can easily cover events by charging per hour. There is nothing better than being your own boss. Use social media to advertise your services. 

2. Restaurant or Cafe Business

It is possible to make a good return on investment if you open a small-scale restaurant or cafe that specializes in a specific type of cuisine or a fusion of multiple types of cuisine. Rather than trying to target the local population directly, you may wish to focus on appealing to Africans or Chinese since you are more likely to receive a large influx of customers rather than just locals.

Considering the types of audience you want to cater to before starting a restaurant business is essential. Although opening a restaurant catering to indigenous customers might seem lucrative, catering to foreigners might make more money fast. The UAE also has an increasing number of food trucks, especially in Dubai. 

3. Childcare Business

In particular, Dubai is a hub for working couples and it is also true that a large number exists in other emirates, as well. As both of them are employed, they require someone to watch the kids. Starting a business in this field requires doing your research and being passionate about children. You can start a daycare center. Because, it may help families with such children because the kids not only get babysitting, but they also learn useful things!

4. Real Estate Management

You may not know that Abu Dhabi is the world’s wealthiest city. The people of the United Arab Emirates are more wealthy than you can imagine. Well, it seems like people who are wealthy have bought so many properties that they cannot manage them on their own. Smart people can take advantage of this situation to manage their properties. New entrepreneurs can make money from residential and commercial projects. 

5. Getting into a Cooking Business

For those who enjoy cooking and wish to launch their own home-based business, this may be an option. It requires only a small amount of capital to establish this home-based business.

6. Handyman

Everyone needs the services of a handyman for whatever reason. There is a huge market for handyman services in Dubai because of the large population living in apartments. If you have a few skilled employees on your team, this can be an excellent business opportunity in Dubai, whether you are targeting residential or commercial customers.

7. Professional consulting

It can be a great way for subject matter experts in Dubai to make money. You can set up a consulting business from home if you have the expertise and experience.

8. Business in eCommerce. 

E-commerce is the most popular investment sector. A growing number of people are buying products online and their spending capacity is increasing. The business relies heavily on management.

9. Get Started with a Beauty Salon

The UAE is home to one of the world’s biggest beauty and health care industries. Hair salons require much less investment than beauty salons or spas. The need for it, however, cannot be denied. Even if one is on a tight budget, getting a haircut should not be avoided. Hair salons like Gent’s are in high demand, and they can be highly profitable if opened at a strategic location.

10. The Drycleaning Business

Dry cleaning is just as tedious as cleaning and cooking for people who work, and they have no time to deal with it themselves. If you are looking to start a laundry business in the UAE, you should consider mobile laundry and pick-up and delivery services.


Hopefully, these small business ideas for the UAE were inspiring to you! Are you ready to get started? Try your hand at owning a business! You can find some guidance once you have chosen a niche by reading some of our other articles. 

Successful people make smart choices and work hard. We can help you not only with UAE-based business ideas, but worldwide! Start-ups in Dubai are an encouraging decision for entrepreneurs, whether they are inside or outside of the state.

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