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    Shenzhen feng yu technology Co Ltd.. is a leading manufacturing company of various colours master batch materials and Pvc resin materials such as K value resins 66 ..k value resins 68 ..k value resins 65.. K value resins 67>>Cnc processing hardware spare parts >Truck reversing and cars cameras >> Blown Masterbatch>> Castfilm Masterbatch>> Injection Masterbatch>> Sheet Masterbatch>> Non-woven Masterbatch>> Drawing Masterbatch>> Plate Masterbatch>> Chemical Fiber Masterbatch>> PVC Masterbatch>> PE/PP Dehydration Masterbatch>> PE/PP Flame Retardant Masterbatch>> PE/PP Anti-aging Masterbatch>> PP Soft Masterbatch>> PE/PP Antistatic Masterbatch>> PE/PP Opening Masterbatch>> Blown Film Modified Filler Masterbatch>> Cast/Coating Modified Filler Masterbatch>> Sheet /Plate Modified Masterbatch>> Non-Woven Modified Filler Masterbatch>> Steel Masterbatch= Transparency Enhancement Modified Filler Masterbatch>> http://www.s-zfengyu.com/news/ .. whatsapp or Wechat +233576546505..Philipalale77@gmail.com

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    213.00 $

    Societates plasticae pro sale in Dubai

    • East Legon, Accra, Maior Accra, Gana
    Posted: September 14, 2021

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