Dubai Visa Regulations – Latest Update May 2024

Dubai Visa Regulations – Latest Update May 2024

New Entry Guidelines for Dubai Visitors: Essential Requirements Before You Travel

Planning a trip to Dubai? 

Be prepared for updated entry requirements set by the immigration authorities to ensure a smooth entry process. Here’s what you need to know before you board your flight:

1-Accommodation Proof: Whether you’re staying in a hotel or with friends or relatives, be ready to provide proof of accommodation. This could be a hotel booking confirmation or details of your host’s residence, including their Emirates ID.

2-Financial Proof: Alongside your visa and return ticket, you must carry a minimum of Dh3,000 in cash or accessible through a credit card. This requirement aims to ensure visitors have the necessary funds to sustain their stay in Dubai.

3-Employment Restrictions: Visitors on tourist visas are prohibited from engaging in any form of employment during their stay. Travel and recruitment agencies are strictly forbidden from promising job opportunities to tourists.

4-Visa Procedures: Visitors on employment visas must complete all visa procedures upon entry to legally work in Dubai.

5-Documentation Inquiry: Airport officials will inquire about the purpose of your visit, accommodation arrangements, and available funds for expenses. Inadequate responses may lead to detention or refusal of entry.

These measures are aimed at ensuring transparency and preventing any discrepancies for individuals traveling to Dubai. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in denied boarding or refusal of entry upon arrival. To explore business opportunities in Dubai, visit For assistance with visa applications, you can access services through Amer Centre.