Dubai Is Global HUB For Business And Trade

Dubai Is Global HUB For Business And Trade

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Dubai is a Global hub for business and trade. Hence, It is the futuristic and Global hub for new business investment and trading.

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1. The way to trade for the world

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The Emirate has multiple connections which engage trillion dollars business and investment to countries such as Middle east, Asia, India, Europe and Africa. Therefore, Its amazing location for the global countries and business friendly policies have made Dubai suitable for Global trade. Dubai has future-forward infrastructure. This has made Although, Dubai a financial and E-commerce powerhouse. 2.5 billion people are living within the range of a four-hour flight to Dubai. Five billion people are within 8 hours flight or less. The city offers great access to the largest growing Markets in the world.

2. A major global Hub for Business and Trade 


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Dubai is a major trade and global hub for business. Also, Research reports ensure that external trades of Dubai have increased by 10% every year in the first half of 2021 and reached 48 million tones. Hence, Dubai has the largest trading partner, China, with 23.6 billion US$ worth trade. Another business partner is India with 18.27 billion US$ worth trade. The third largest trading Partner USA with 8.7 billion US$ worth trading. Dubai is a Global hub for business and trade.


3. Largest Contributors to the Economy for business and Trade


China Contributes 29 billion US$ Dollars to the economy of Dubai and it is the largest trading partner of Dubai. China’s contribution to Dubai trading has been increased by 6% in following year. India is the second largest trading partner of Dubai. It contributes over 27billion US$. USA trading has increased by 16% with a trading worth of 15.5 billion US dollars. Switzerland trades 12.7 billion US dollars. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is in the fascinating position. It is Dubai’s largest Arab trade partner. Globally, Saudi Arabia is the fifth biggest partner reporting to trade worth 11 billion US dollars in 2019.


4. World Class Aviation & Global Hub


Dubai is a great mobilizer of trade and business. Therefore, Dubai International airport was the busiest airport of the world in past year 2019. Saudi Arabia has maintained its position for the last six years. A report says Dubai international airport welcomed 86 million passengers in 2019.No doubt, Dubai has set a great plan to extend the passengers annually from 90 million to 118 million passengers by 2023.

5. Global Hub for business forum Africa


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The 5th global Business forum Africa was held at the end of 2019. Hence, It is concluded that Dubai has
great potential to double its exports to Africa. Products, Such as rubber and sugar, are exported.
Dubai has trade with the African continent worth 272 billion US dollars. Therefore, It has exceeded in the
period of 2011-2019. Hence, Over 21,000 African companies are currently registered with the Dubai
chamber of commerce and industry.