• Watches online store for sale in dubai

Watches online store for sale in dubai

JVC District 11, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai, UAE


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watches online store for sale

I’m looking to sell this dormant business. I was in London for 1 year due to COVID situation and I couldn’t run the business so I have to make it dormant. Frankly speaking I have lost interest in restarting this business so I am looking to sell this.
We sell Watches online to the masses.
We have between 50 – 200 daily orders coming depending on how much marketing we do. During the peak we were doing about 250 orders per day, generating 40,000 AED net profit monthly.
Everything is in place. You will get all the assets, stock, tools, everything to just get started. You will only need to create your own advertising/marketing accounts, like Facebook Ad Account.
We also have a database of 300,000+ customers who bought from us in the last 6 years, with Name, Mobile, Email.
e multiple websites that customers buy from.
We have SMS intergrated into the websites, with SMS balance of 5000 AED.
We have roughly 100,000 AED worth of stock in the office.
The revenue we generate from marketing is about 300%, so if we spend 1000 aed, we get 3000 aed worth fo sales on average.
Net profit is usually about 20-30% per month.
I am asking only 79,000 AED for this dormant business that is ready to go. I will spend 1 week giving you hand over and showing you everything, and how to run the business – it is very simple.
This ready made business is suitable for newcomers and experienced business owners. As soon as you start the advertising again the orders will start coming in immediately. I will show you what the most popular products are so you start advertising with these products to start getting orders quickly.
What you will get with this ready made business:
1. Ownership All websites that I was using – these are custom made website. Cost a lot of money to make.
2. Ownership All social media pages – some pages have many thousand followers
3. Tonnes of files of adverts /artwork I created in the past so you can reuse – no need to start learning how to do ads from zero, I will give my proven formula to you
4. All data files, spreadsheets, tools etc to help you run the business. I will show you these things so you know how to use them. No need to recreate everything from zero.
5. Lots of data on marketing to the right audience – this takes long time to learn – I will give you all the formulas
6. All stock, worth about 100,000 AED
7. I will show you the best sellers so you can focus on them, and the suppliers for the best sellers
8. All shelves etc for keeping stock organised
9. All packaging materials
10. All supplier contacts so you can continue business with them without disruption
11. I will show you how the order process works
12. I will show you how to do the marketing /advertising and learn
13. I will show you how to use the website order processing for easy management
14. I will show you how to get the packages delivered using courier company
15. I ill show you how to track orders and monitor your delivery rates using courier websites and spreadsheet.
16. I will basically give you everything you need so you don’t need to start nothing from zero, so that you can be successful in this the same as I used to be successful in this.
17. If I missed anything you can ask 
Please text me on whatsapp to ask questions, I prefer chatting so that I can reply to you whenever I am available. And you can ask questions whenever they come to your mind. .
I will accept reasonable offers.
Many Thanks for your interest.

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JVC District 11, Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC), Dubai, UAE
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