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Profitable fashion ecommerce business for sale in UAE Dubai

Price : 3,675,000.00AED
Date : November 23, 2021
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Monthly sale | Average monthly profit | Average monthly expense : .
Location : Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE

A profitable and well-established women’s fashion ecommerce business for sale. Avg monthly revenue AED 137,000., Avg monthly gross profit of AED 100,608 and Avg monthly net profit of AED 42,000

• It is a profitable and well-established women’s fashion ecommerce business that has been successfully running since 2013.

• The business currently boasts a strong social media presence, a large customer database, highly sought-after products and an ecommerce website that converts. Our just in time production model also means that there is no need for high working capital and for investing in stock like in traditional retail. Below are a few of the business strengths:

• A loyal customer base. We have a healthy 40% customer return rate, despite a rather transient population in the UAE

• Healthy current gross profit margin of 73%.

• Low business risk achieved by the just in time production model with minimum inventory risk and low working capital requirements. It is a highly effective model in a post-covid world.

• Broad audience. Our brand caters to women of all shapes and sizes from the housewife to the company director. Our prices are affordable, and our styles are ethnic neutral.

• Rapid supply chain. The cycle of design, production and launching of new styles takes only a few weeks. As such we are agile and can quickly launch new products and cater to new trends

• Long market presence.

• It is one of the first and longest standing fashion online stores in the UAE. As such, the brand has established trust and strong market credibility.

• Proven product market fit with a unique selling proposition. Also, the brand has a great infrastructure to build on and to expand its product range with complementary products & services.

• Strong relationships with business partners and suppliers who have granted us competitive rates and business terms (ex. Logistics partner, fabric suppliers…etc).

• Positive net earnings since the first year of operations with consistent year over year growth.

• Great customer service reputation. We have accumulated over 1050, 5 star customer service and product reviews.

• In addition to a successful ecommerce platform, we have established a successful private label.

• Successfully and efficiently served new markets outside the UAE. So far, this was done on a small scale as a proof of concept and to validate the growth potential in those markets. We foresee huge growth potential in Egypt, KSA and beyond

Along with the business acquisition, we will transfer to the buyer all our hard-earned ecommerce and social media knowledge. This enablement will cover the entire functions under which a successful ecommerce business is run, both in fashion and in other sectors as well.

If you are interested in ecommerce and digitally enabled businesses, this opportunity fast-tracks your access to the market. No experimentation, no wasted funds and time. You get a revenue generating, cashflow positive, low risk ongoing business. You basically get all the upside.

The reason for selling is that I am relocating and my supply chain is based in the region.


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