• For Sale: Highly Profitable Home Healthcare Company in Dubai

For Sale: Highly Profitable Home Healthcare Company in Dubai



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Monthly sale | Average monthly profit | Average monthly expense : 275,000 | 125,000 | 150,000



Our home healthcare company has been providing top-notch medical services to residents and tourist in Dubai for several years. With an impressive track record of profitability, generating over one million per year, this business has solidified its position as a market leader in the region.


Our comprehensive range of specialized medical services includes skilled nursing care, personalized medical treatments, rehabilitation therapies, and professional doctor consultations. Catering to the elderly, disabled, and individuals in need of home medical care, our company has become the go-to choice for quality healthcare services delivered directly to our client’s doorstep.

Average monthly sales: 275,000

Average monthly profit: 125,000

Average monthly expense: 150,000


We are pleased to present an updated list of valuable assets that come with the acquisition of the highly profitable home healthcare company in Dubai:

1. Company Cars: Three well-maintained company cars, each wrapped with the company’s branding, providing efficient transportation for medical staff and equipment to serve clients promptly.

2. Medical Bags with Equipment: Specialized medical bags equipped with essential medical supplies and equipment, ensuring that our medical team can deliver high-quality care to clients during home visits.

3. Medical Equipment: A comprehensive range of medical equipment and devices used for diagnostics, treatments, and patient care, ensuring that the company is well-equipped to meet the diverse healthcare needs of clients.

4. Furniture: Furnishings and office equipment in the running office, providing a comfortable and professional workspace for the medical team and administrative staff.

5. Trade License: A valid trade license allowing the business to operate legally in Dubai, eliminating any delays or obstacles in starting operations under new ownership.

6. Professional Licenses: The necessary professional licenses and certifications for the medical team, ensuring that all medical services provided adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and compliance.

7. Laptops: Essential laptops and computer systems used for administrative tasks, record-keeping, and managing the company’s online presence.

8. Website, Domain, and Social Media Accounts: A professionally designed website with a user-friendly interface, a valuable domain name that establishes the company’s online identity, and active social media accounts with a significant following and positive customer engagement.

9. Digital Reputation: The company’s impressive online reputation, bolstered by a wealth of positive customer reviews and testimonials, enhancing its credibility and attracting a steady stream of new clients.

10. Strategic Partnerships: Existing strong partnerships with top hotels in Dubai, a key revenue driver for the company, ensuring a stable and lucrative business opportunity.

11. Client Database: The company maintains a comprehensive client database, containing important information about its clientele. This database is a valuable resource for managing appointments, tracking client history, and delivering personalized care. 

Digital Presence:

Our online presence is a significant asset to the business. A professional website and active social media accounts provide a solid platform for reaching and engaging with potential clients. The positive online reputation is bolstered by a wealth of glowing customer reviews, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Strong Partnerships:

One of the key drivers of our success lies in our strategic partnerships with top hotels in Dubai. These partnerships have been instrumental in generating substantial profits for the company. With a strong customer base and a reputation for reliability, the relationships with these hotels provide a consistent stream of business opportunities.

Opportunities for Growth:

While already highly profitable, the potential for growth is immense. Expanding the service offerings to include additional medical specialties or geographic coverage could further increase revenues. Moreover, with Dubai’s rapidly growing population and increasing demand for home healthcare services, the future prospects for the industry are exceptionally promising.

Support and Transition:

We are willing to provide comprehensive support during the transition period to ensure a smooth handover. This includes sharing business insights, introductions to key partners, and assistance with any necessary training.


This is a unique chance to acquire a thriving home healthcare company with a solid foundation, exceptional profits, and a stellar reputation in Dubai. The combination of strong partnerships, a skilled medical team, and a well-established digital presence make this opportunity a truly lucrative investment.If you’re ready to step into a successful healthcare business and make a significant impact on people’s lives, don’t miss out on this rare opportunity. Inquire now to receive more information and take the first step toward becoming the proud owner of this remarkable home healthcare company in Dubai.

Asking Price: AED 3 Million

Website: https://trucareplus.ae/ 

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